The IKBG/ICN addresses itself to theologians and interested laypersons; its activities are concentrated on the following areas:

Theological declarations and publications

The IKBG/ICN watches, observes, and documents spiritual currents throughout the world and takes stands with regard to them in the form of statements and other publications. Many of these publications are translated and attract  international attention. Alongside themes like Church and theology mission and ecumenism, the developments in family and society are critically reflected from the viewpoint of Bible and confession. The scholarly worked out statements on these topics are meant to provide individual Christians and Christian movements with aids toward orientation.

The most important of the statements, theological texts, lectures and sermons published by the IKBG/ICN are offered here as pdf-files for downloading. To Publications.


At regular intervals, the IKBGICN organizes international Confessional-Congresses for its members. Guests are also welcome by invitation. Each congress is devoted to a theological topic that, in terms of the goals of the IKBC/ICN, is of special importance and currency. At such a congress, the lectures, discussions and exchanges with international consultants from the IKBC/ICN network normally come to fruition in the drawing up of a common statement. The next congress of the IKBC/ICN will take place in 2011 in Goslar under the provisional title “The Cross of Jesus Christ – the Instrument of Salvation”.

Diakrisis Institute

The Diakrisis Institute was founded in 1997. Today it serves basic theological research in close cooperation with the Theological Commission of the IKBC/ICN and supports the declarations and publications of that association. It is responsible for the publication of the quarterly journal DIAKRISIS. Furthermore it performs the administrative tasks of the IKBG/ICN and documents and archives the organization’s work.

The periodical DIAKRISIS

The periodical DIAKRISIS is published by the IKBG/ICN and appears quarterly. It discusses intellectual and spiritual currents in the Church, politics, and society, and informs its readers about significant events in worldwide Christianity. As a rule, each issue is dedicated to a particular theme: in essays and other contributions, prominent authors shed light on and develop various aspects of the theme. DIAKRISIS can also be subscribed to by those who are not members of the IKBG/ICN.

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