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Friday, 19 November, 2010

Christmas Action of the Diakrisis Institute

Many of you will be interested in learning that our long-time printing house, the St.-Johannis-Druckerei in Lahr-Dinglingen was forced, to our great regret, to close down. Only toward the end of the church year 2009/10, after complicated negotiations, did the insolvency administrator agree to allow the publishers of the various journals printed by the firm to remove the back-numbers of their journals which had been stored there.

Among these were all of the issues of our quarterly DIAKRISIS from the years 2000 till 2010. For the time being, they are being stored at the Diakrisis Institute of the IKBG/ICN.

The large numbers of the individual issues makes it possible to make a generous offer to our readers and supporters:

From now on, at the

Institut Diakrisis
Schulstr. 1
D-72810 Gomaringen
Fax 07072-92 03 44

individual issues of DIAKRISIS can be ordered in any quantity above 10 copies for the purpose of strategic free distribution.

The following thematic issues have generated especially high interest over the past years and have thus been repeatedly ordered. To facilitate your ordering them, they are listed below and assigned consecutive numbers. Note that, although English translations of the titles are provided here in brackets,  the texts themselves are in German only!

Nr. 1: Einheit in Christus [Unity in Christ], DIAKRISIS 4-2001
Nr. 2: Die Heiligkeit des menschlichen Lebens [The sanctity of human life], DIAKRISIS 1/2-2002
Nr. 3: Lehrer der Kirche Jesu Christi [Teachesr of Christ’ Church], DIAKRISIS 2-2003
Nr. 4: Welcher Geist wird Europa bestimmen? [What spirit will have the say in Europe], DIAKRISIS 2-2005
Nr. 5: Bereitsein zum Leiden für Christus. Pastorale Denkschrift [Readiness to suffer for Christ], DIAKRISIS 5-2006 English version: “Blankenburg Appeal: Readiness to suffer for Christ”.Leaflet.
Nr. 6: Dienst und Kampf der Engel [The ministry and the battle of the angels], DIAKRISIS 3-2007
Nr. 7: Schöpfungsordnung und Gender-Ideologie [The order of creation and the ideology of gender], DIAKRISIS 2-2008
Nr. 8: Unser Trinitarischer Glaube. Rothenburger Denkschrift [Our Trinitarian faith. The Rothenburger Position Paper],DIAKRISIS 3-2008
Nr. 9: Kunst und Kultur – Ausdruck von Geist [Art and culture – Expression of the Spirit], DIAKRISIS 2-2009
Nr. 10: Betet ohne Unterlaß! [Pray unceasingly!], DIAKRISIS 3-2009
Nr. 11: Vorfreude auf den wiederkommenden Herrn [Rejoicing in anticipation of the Coming of the Lord],DIAKRISIS 4-2009
Nr. 12: Hoffnung oder Utopie? Eschatologische Orientierungshilfe [Hope or utopia? An aid to eschatological orientation], DIAKRISIS 1/2-2010

These are only a few of the thematic issues; others can be ordered as well
We send these issues without charge, under the condition that the receiver pays the shipping costs, asking that the copies be passed on as gifts to the recipient’s family members and friends.

Sunday, 17 October, 2010


Dr. theol. Werner Neuer is the new chairman of the Theological Commission of the IKGB/ICN

At the last meeting of the Theological Commission in Kassel ( 9.Oct., 2010), Dr. Werner Neuer was elected as the new chairman of the Theological Commission of the Internationalen Konferenz Bekennender Gemeinschaften (IKGB) / International Christian Network (ICN). He succeeds Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, who has laid down this office by reason of his advanced age, though he continues to be an active member of the commission. Dr. Werner Neuer is a professor at the Theologischen Seminar St. Chrischona.

Pastor Ulrich Rüß, Hamburg, President of the IKBG/ICN

Sunday, 17 October, 2010

On 9 October, in Kassel, the Theological Commission of the IKBG/ICN met under the chairmanship of its president emeritus, Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus DD. The chief task of the meeting was to prepare for the next congress planned to be held in October, 2011, in the venerable city of Goslar in the Harz – the city of the emperors and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. This congress will follow in the succession of ecumenical confessional congresses held since 2004. At the meeting, an initial draft for the congress message was drawn up and approved; it will be worked over at the congress.
IV Ecumenical
of the IKBG/ICN
3 – 5 Oct., 2011

in „Haus Hessenkopf“ in Goslar –
the convention centre of the Ev.-luth. Landeskirche
in Braunschweig

„The Cross of Jesus Christ — The centre of salvation“

Friday, 24 September, 2010

Michaelmas Day on 29 September

(Legend: The Archangel Michael. mural in the church in Frohnau.)

Michaelmas Day is the day of commemoration for the Archangel Michael, which was ordered for the end of September by Emperor Louis the Pius at the Council of Mainz in 813..

According to the Holy Scripture, angels are the messengers of God. Among them, Michael is one of the few who is known by name, and he evidently enjoyed high rank. The Hebrew name “Michael” means “Who is like God?” or “Who resembles him?”.

Friday, 24 September, 2010

For a biblical, confession-oriented marital and family ethic


In Bonn, the current German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle (FDP), recently married his life-partner Michael Mronz. In the framework of an Armani fashion-show, the former mayor of Hamburg, Ole von Beust (CDU), presented his own life-partner , a 19 year-old student of medicine, with whom he lives together. Not long ago, this would have been unthinkable for persons having an ethical model function, particularly when they belong to a political party calling itself “Christian”. Even when the political parties and their chairpersons as well as the leading figures and official bodies of the Evangelical Church in Germany praise such actions as signs of progress in a enlightened, liberal society, and even when the mainstream majority of the population sees no ethical problems therein, for those who feel morally bound to the testimony of the Bible this is a highly negative signal, standing for a step backwards into an arbitrary and gratuitous spirit-of-the-times morality dictated by uncritical universal tolerance. Is it not typical, that in this matter, precisely those church leaders keep silence, who are otherwise so eager to please the media and so often and readily make public statements about social and political matters? We Christians, even as a minority, are called upon to speak out for a biblical, confessionally oriented marital and family ethic.
Pastor Ulrich Rüß

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