The IKBG/ICN serves

  • to promote spiritual community, mutual information, and cooperation under believing Christians of different confessional affiliations and nations, especially through conferences, visits, exchange of information, and pertinent publications;
  • to call for and deepen biblically based faith;
  • to interpret the theological foundations of biblical doctrine and morals in the context of current situations and to work against their distortion or levelling out;
  • to intervene to protect the freedom of the religious conscience, e.g. through appeals to governments and through public protests;
  • to stand by Christians who are being pressured or persecuted in the defence of their faith;
  • to issue public statements, when the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ is under attack;
  • to support missionary and diaconal projects – especially in crisis situations – , including, when necessary, with financial assistance;
  • to pray for and to work for the unity of all faithful Christians of different confessional affiliations in the sense of a “Christocentric-Trinitarian Confessional Ecumenism”.
(Excerpt from the Statutes)

The complete Statutes can be found on the left side of the screen as a PDF-file for downloading.

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