Diakrisis Institute

"DIAKRISIS" is a concept from the Greek and means roughly “distinguishing the spirits”. The Institute was founded in 1997 as the administrative office and theological research centre of the IKCG/ICN. Until that time, the then chairman of the IKG/ICN, Professor Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, had carried out his activities for the IKG/ICN from the Tübingen University’s Institute for Mission Studies and Ecumenical Theology, of which he was then the director. After his retirement, this was no longer possible, and thus the Diakrisis Institute was inaugurated with its seat in Gomaringen (near Tübingen), where Prof. Beyerhaus lives.

Today, the Diakrisis Institute works in close cooperation with the Theological Commission on matters of basic theological research and supports the statements and publications of the IKG/ICN. It is responsible for the publication of the quarterly periodical DIAKRISIS. In addition it carries out the administrative tasks  of the IKG/ICN and documents/archives the association’s work.

The periodical DIAKRISIS

The periodical DIAKRISIS is published by the IKBG/ICN and appears quarterly. It discusses intellectual and spiritual currents in the Church, politics and society and informs its readers about events in worldwide Christianity and the confessing churches and movements . DIAKRISIS is addressed to theologians and students of theology as well as to engaged laity.

Among the contributors to DIAKRISIS are prominent authors with Lutheran, Reformed, Evangelical, Catholic, and occasionally even Orthodox backgrounds. As a rule, each issue of DIAKRISIS is devoted to a specific theme, the various aspects of which are illuminated and elaborated upon.

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